Established by Nathan Jenkins in 2012, DEEK Recordings (named after a Scottish variant of Derek!) was originally formed as an outlet to release his own material under the Bullion moniker. After an initial release Nathan’s friends and co-conspirators Laura Groves and Timmaz Zolleyn entered the fray, and a new spirit of collaboration was born. The result of this, the esoteric pop music of Nautic, came to define the trademark DEEK sound – ‘Pop, not slop’.

Over the following years a rich seam of singers and players joined DEEK to record at Nathan’s home studio and perform in various formations at intimate nights, predominantly at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. Some outstanding releases emerged from the DEEK family and this hotbed of creatvitiy. Laura Groves enchanted fans with her beautiful solo EPs, Jesse Hackett sparred with Nathan as BLLUDD RELATIONS, Guy Gormley & Sam Bardsley delivered forlorn pop music as NEVER and THOOL took a more worldly, dancefloor led approach with their self-titled debut. Nathan himself released his debut Bullion album via DEEK in February 2016 with appearances from Sampha, drum king Tom Skinner and violinist Raven Bush.

On top of these releases an ongoing series of cover records has emerged where the DEEK family and others take on their favourites. With Nathan overseeing production and mixing for the compilations, ‘Pun For Cover’ and ‘Extraordinary Renditions’ saw contributions from label regulars alongside Nilufer Yanya covering Pixies, Tapes doing Daniel Johnston and Gwilym Gold getting a nod of approval from his idol D’angelo for his take on ‘The Root’.

Another covers comp is due this year, alongside some new signings and a planned compilation of the labels inspirations and influences.